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Words Hurt. Words Heal. You Choose
on 3/14/13 KURY-AM
"Homepage" Interview 3/19/13 on KHSU
Start at 13:34-23:40
KCIW - Gordon Clay and Scott Clapson 9/29/15 Project Semicolon
Symposium on Suicide
Bruin Radio, 12/3/17: Rotary Interact 741741 wrist bands at 2:24. Gordon Clay at 5:54
KFUG-Crescent City

Oregon Legislature
Oregon House
Ed Committe 2/08/16 14:12
Oregon Senate
Ed Committee 9/22/16 19:11
Oregon Senate
Ed Committee 1/09/17
Oregon House
Ed Commkittee 1/17/17 ?

Oregon Board of Education
BOE Salem 12/08/16
BOE Salem 5/25/17 -19:52
BOE Salem 6/22/17 - 43:38
BOE Salem 10/26/17 - 1:35:43
BOE Salem - 1:08:41
Linda Letbedda 10/26/17
Written Testimony
BOE Salem 12/7/17 - 45:40
Written testimony
Verbal Testimony Removed
BOE Salem 1/18/18 - na
Written testimony
No verbal testimony
BOE Salem 3/22/18 - 42:15
Written Testimony
BOE Salem 4/19/18 1:00:35
BOE Salem 5/17/18
Written testimony
Verbal Testimony Removed
BOE - 6/21/18 - 0:53:18
BOE - 9/20/18 - 0:41:29
Written testimony *
One Two Three
BOE - 10/18/18 -
Written testimony *
One Two Three
BOE - 120618 -
BOE - 1/17/19

Legend: * Find complete document as follows: Two - https://bit.ly/2LnXnDZ; Three - https://bit.ly/2PWruWp

Curry County Board of Commissioner's - Presentations
7/18/18 - 0:21:55
No help for people in crisis
8/1/18 - 0:6:11
No help for people in crisis
8/15/18 - 0:4:19
Suicide Prevention Month
9/5/18 - 0:24:17
Suicide Prevention Month
Bullying Prevention Month
9/25/19 - 31:12
My story
10/02/19 - 28:30
Paasch on Military Suicide
10/16/19 - 2:07:44
Establish SAP
12/11/19 -
Appointment Process

Source: http://www.co.curry.or.us/quick_links/archived_video_of_all_meetings/index.php

Letter to the Editor
Mental Health Month
Letter to the Editor
Testicular Cancer
Letter to the Editor
4/11/18 + 5/23/18
Alcohol month
Letter to the Editor
The Purge
Letter to the Editor
Men's Health Month
Letter to the Editor
Up river drinking
Public Forum
Pilot -
Suicide Prevention Month
Public Forum
Bully Prevention Month


Advocate: More needs to be done. Curry Pilot, 7/28/18
Additional Fact Checking of above story
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Suicide Resources
Emergency Phone/Chat/Text Numbers

Additional Fact Checking of 7/28/18 Pilot article

Paragraph 1 - Suicidal subjects were 62 in 120 days (January 1 to April 31. As of July 23, 2018 there has been 98 in 204 days. The "Total" refers to the number of incidents. I have added that word on the chart on the web to correct any confusion.

P 4 - I think it's the Curry Community Health Mental Health & Addictions Advisory Board, not the Curry County Board of Commissioners

P 10 - It was an email that I received on June 14, it wasn't me. And I didn't identify the sex of the sender or the friend "Pat"

P 19 - The state quarterly report February 1, 2018 on suicides by county showed a projected number of 795 Oregonians having killed themeless in 2017. The 2017 number has been finalized and shows that 825 Oregonians killed themselves in 2017, 14 of them in Curry County - which ties for the highest number of Curry County suicides ever. August 1, 2018 report should show the number of Suicides in Oregon by county for the first 7 months of 2018.

P 24 - The stand that holds the cards reads "R U OK?" The cards are the semicolon cards or 741741 Crisis Text Line cards with the Youth Suicide Warning Signs printed on the back.

P 26 - Not only all four school districts in Curry and Del Norte County, but all four City Councils plus both Curry and Del Norte County Commissioners.

P 29 - "62 million previous texts" was the last figure I had a few months ago. 75,934,031 texts are being analyzed for every texter contacting the Crisis Text Line 741741 today.

P 31 - It's not the number of suicides that have declined. It's the percent of 8th and 11th grade students' suicidality that has declined - students reporting hopelessness, students seriously considered suicide and students who actually attempted suicide.

P 34 - 90% was the number of people who killed themselves who had contact with a healthcare professional in the year before they killed themselves, physical, ER and mental. By far the majority are contacts with GPs. The number is 42% who had contact within 30 days of their death.

P 35 - Teens text "teen2teen" to 839863 between 4-10pm daily to connect with a teen counselor. If the texter texts outside that time period, it transfers to an adult at Lines for Life (in the same office complex).

P 36 - Only one person that I talked to, in the three month period during which time I setup 152 public distribution points in Curry and Del Norte County for semicolon cards and buttons, knew that there was a national Crisis Text Line number 741741. I hadn't asked if they knew of any other crisis text line numbers.

P 38 - Possibly my miscommunication. Saying Ibuprofen is higher on the risk scale than simply saying "I'm going to kill myself" since teens will often say "I'm going to kill myself" while texting with the crisis line. Because, saying something like "I'm going to kill myself" is a concern but not an indication of a plan. Saying Ibuprofen is the indication of a plan. Here is where the confusion may have come in. Saying Ibuprofen is not necessarily more serious than depression or anxiety because both can be very high on the risk scale. It is usually more serious than most teens texting about depression or anxiety because of the fact that it indicates the a level in the process of development of a plan.

P 39 My error. It was Mental Health Task Force in Brookings, South Dakota, not Utah. I picked up their Ad Hoc Committee Charter. At a previous County Commissioner's Meeting around January or February, 2018, I presented a recommendation for a Curry County Suicide Prevention Council.

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