Curry County Suicide Awareness and Prevention Council

May 6, 2020 Meeting Minutes



Beth Barker-Hidalgo
Substance abuse/recovery


Connie Hunter
Veteran services

Glenda Groff
Elder services


Gordon Clay
Lay member - Chair

Issabella Vermaak
Youth ambassador

Katrina Upton
Tribal community


Katlyn Temple
Lay member


Kelly Schellong


Maia Mello
Law enforcement

Michelle Hanna
Medical health

Nancy Torney
First responder


Pat Piper
Lay member - Vice-Chair

Teresa Costa
Mental health - Secretary


Tim Wilson
Youth educator

Court Boice
BOC Liason

City Government

Faith Based


Britt Ivy Boice
Substance abuse/Recovery

Dr. Frank von Bannisseht
Mental Health

Randy Ullom
First Responder

Samantha Birk
Mental Health, Media

Tara Modugno
First Responder

William Wasson
Veteran services /Mental Health



Call to Order Via GoToMeetings


Pledge of Allegiance


Welcome- Gordon asked that all members unblock cameras as it brings a more personal touch to online meetings.

2 a

"How are you?" Stop, breath, get in touch with how you are feeling. Present one feeling word with roll call.

3.0 a

Introductions: Roll Call - Quorum not established


Approval of Agenda - On hold


Approval of Minutes - On hold


Citizens Input: No visitors


Old Business

7 a

Let's Talk- June is PTSD Awareness Month - Need article before 15th for the magazine. Lived experience preferred.

7 a 1

Maia Mello voluntered for June. Overall PTSD article, Letter to the Editor, PSA,

7 a 2

Speaker to give 3 minute lived experience with overall PTSD or other lived mental health experience at BOCs 3rd Wednesday of each month - Next meeting May 20th, 9:00 am, Board of Commissioner's Chambers, Gold Beach. Maia Mello voluntered


June - PTSD - Maia Mello
July - Bereaved Parents - Connie Hunter
August - Overdose - Maia Mello
September - Suicide - Gordon Clay
October - Bullying - Tim Wilson
November - Tolerance -
December - Reflection -
January - Poverty - Beth Barker-Hildago
February - Youth Leadership - Tim Wilson (Will find a youth to be the speaker)
March - Self injury -
April - Alcohol
May - Mental Health

7 b

Rank and establish Council Goal Priorities On hold It was asked if anyone had suggested changes. Kelly suggests full meeting to discuss this. Beth suggests time frame. Connie suggests "Aspirational Goal" for "Achieve Zero Suicide Attempts"

7 b 1

Long Term (2021+) Rank importance On hold

7 b 2

Short Term (2020) On hold

7 b 3

Low-Hanging Fruit What the Council can do NOW to address the suicidal reactions of at-risk Curry County citizens to the loss of jobs, closed schools, social distancing, the economy and potential infection from COVID-19 On hold Sponsors suggested, no space available for socially distanced meeting. Perhaps Brookings Library when open. Legal council regarding grants? Training teachers and community members. May work with AH or Non-Profit.

7 c

Rank and Establish Each Stakeholder's Goal Priorities (As determined by the individual Stakeholder Task Groups) Report when ready. On hold

7 c a

Stakeholders to determine what goals they have in common with other stakeholders and those goals should be moved up on their individual lists. On hold

7 c 1

Long Term (2021+) On hold

7 c 2

Short Term (2020) On hold

7 c 3

Low-Hanging Fruit (now) On hold

7 d

Outreach On hold. Maia expresses frustration with trying to reach elderly groups. Beth has had good luck working with (could not understand person's name) with Elder Adult Behavior Adult Initiative. Also suggests reaching out to Hospice for suggestions on how to succeed with this. Connie mentions Coastline Neighbors and deliveries of food and medications, membership fee has been waived. Phone assurance calls offered. "Senior Loneliness Line" Connie can get this information. Maia expresses the importance of this as they get a lot of calls like this. Feels it would be great for dispatchers to have on hand. Coastal Volunteers - Lindy McClean 541-469-0864

7 d 1

Determine the opportunity for grants to develop and distribute Council programs and materials. On hold Kelly volunteered to work on this.

7 d 2

Develop behavioral health Community resiliency strategies. On hold Connie to work on.

7 d 3

Develop localized “toolkits” and referral tools? On hold Connie to work on. Update - Sending out toolkits several times per week to Veterans and Veterans Groups as well as local providers and community health groups. Lists resources for them and their families. Information on community partners activities. Such as Coastline Neighbors. Oregon Health Authority did send out resources for first responders including self-assessment. Need for self-assessments for all frontline workers.

7 d 4

Develop ways to fund student youth populations in Mental Health First Aid for Youth, Signs of Suicide, Sources of Strength or other beneficial youth trainings in suicide awareness and prevention. On hold Tim will be working with several school districts on this, this summer. Gordon suggests finding support on this ASAP as emotional health may be lower than usual right now.

7 d 5

Develop a survey to be given at appropriate tabeling events the Council may participate in. (Azalea Festival, Curry County Fair, any other events in the county?) On hold

7 d 6

Ask specific communities (Elders, gender spectrum positive, tribal, youth, veterans, etc.) to develop a list of at-risk situations for their community and what they think might work to reduce those risk factors. On hold


New Business On hold

8 a

Next Steps: Where do we go from here? - Gordon read SAPC Purpose that was approved April 1st, 2020. Mental Health should be a main priority during the pandemic. Suicide rates have risen since. No time has been spent focusing on elderly community. Kelly has worked with community partners to put out information and things to do with children at home. Child abuse prevention. PSAs out on many radio stations for mental health awareness and child abuse prevention. Kelly asks that every month is sent to her to work on putting it all into PSAs for radio. CC Kat for non-profits. Task-groups mostly on hold, though check-in have been made. Beth is working on distributing 300 hygiene kits throughout Curry County to homeless population, would be willing to include some messaging regarding mental health/suicide awareness. Allcare has agreed to send out oral hygiene kits to be included as well.

8 b

Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Act, Oregon Initiative Petition 44 (IP 44) - Curry County is not on Opioid Dashboard, need to encourage the community to do surveys.

8 c

Outreach (Approved Elements) - Connie reached out to Council Huddle email was read out loud. Still needs to get clarity on process with the county, needs approval to apply for grants, etc. Allcare still has money available. Decide what we need funding for first then officially going after the money. Need committee to determine what and how. Connie and Beth have a meeting with Coastline. Need, can ask how many people are currently being serviced to get an idea of how much mailing funds are needed. Pat can get list of county wide homeowners to add to mailing list.

8 c 1

Develop a structure, element development, distribution and funding needs analysis. Appoint a point person to accomplish approved items.

8 c 2

Ways to fund citizens to take on-line training in QPR ($30) and possible Mental Aid First Aid, ASIST, Start, etc Approved

8 c 3

Ways to fund educators to take on-line training in QPR, Student Mental Health First Aid, ASIST, Kognito, Response Approved

8 c 4

A way to distribute open letter to clinicians.


Community Partner Updates Katrina is working on Facebook and Social Media


Crit/self crit


Next Meeting: June 3, 2020, 5:30 Sharp. Location depends of Covid-19 restrictions. Options: Chetco Community Public Library, 405 Alder St, Brookings, OR or Video conferencing similar to the May 6 meeting


Adjourn Meeting was called to an end at 7:32 pm

Teresa Costa, June 1, 2020