Best Practices

for Online Technologies

 for Online Technoloogies




  • Timely Response: How quickly will we respond to user reports?
    • Response within 24 hours
    • Response within 12 hours (i.e., same day)
    • Immediate/real-time response
  • Outreach: How can our organization educate others and serve as a model for best practices in social media suicide prevention?
    • Deliver corporate suicide prevention messaging to entire company
    • Deliver corporate suicide prevention messaging to other companies
    • Create a new platform for suicide prevention messaging
  • Cultural Competency: How can we ensure that our information about suicide and/or means of reporting are sensitive to individuals of different racial and socio-economic backgrounds?
    • Use language approved by mental health professionals when communicating with affected individuals
    • Design efficient user interface that recognizes the challenges of individuals either impacted by mental health issues or suicidal thoughts in a culturally sensitive manner.