Advocate's Update - Veterans Community Stakeholderes FYI

Two dates to keep in mind for upcoming V.A. mental health-related summits:

--September 10th--V.A. Mental Healthcare Summit (catchment area/region) - Roseburg

--September 21st -V.A. Healthcare Summit 2.0 (Curry County local summit emphasizing mental/behavioral healthcare will be held at Curry Campus of Southwestern Oregon Community College, 9-10:30 a.m., Listening Sessions; 10:00 a.m.-12:30 a.m.Stakeholders gathering and presentations. After Listening Sessions veterans are welcome to attend the Stakeholders Summit.)

Veterans Listening Sessions: During the Curry County V.A. Healthcare Summit 2.0, two listening sessions will be held--one for female veterans and one for male veterans. (More details to come.)

If you are a U.S. military veteran or if you can invite the veterans that you know, this is a substantial way that our veterans can know that their voices are heard--in order to build the right services. Simply, we need to hear from veterans what they need for community-based services.

Leading the Listening Sessions: We have been successful in recruiting the very dynamic veteran Elizabeth Estabrooks, ODVA's Women Veterans Coordinator and Dr. Kevin Bourgault, PhD, U.S. Army infantry veteran. Dr. Kevin has taught at West Point and serves veterans through his work with organizations such as Veterans Legacy in Lane County.

If you would like digital copies of three very important healthcare policy/funding prioritizing documents, please Email:

(1) CCO 2.0 Policy Development, Draft Policy Options (most important thing to note--Policy Development is ultimately funding prioritizing);

(2) OHA CCO2.0 Power Point Presentation, "The Future of the Oregon Health Plan: Big Ideas to Improve Coordinated Care in Oregon" (Info graphics tell the story of Oregon Health Authority's policy/funding priorities.)

(3) VA Mission Act Summary (The VA is working to provide for gaps in care/service for veterans through community-based providers. Rural communities are not being left out of the federal funding equations. This document contains the policy/funding priorities for rural communities' access to care, as well).